The Synchrosoma Method

Helping students of shadow work transform their lives through somatic integration practices that evolve soul, and unlock their true purpose in life.

  • How to do shadow work

    The Synchrosoma Method of Shadow Work involves deep underworld explorations through the portal of Soma, our energy body and seat of the soul. Those parts of our shadowy behavior or shadowy past that we thought were “bad” become allies through integration.

  • How to evolve soul

    Through recognizing our true self as Witness Consciousness and embracing our time on earth as a gift we can contain and heal at the deepest layers of Self. Shadow Work and mastering the worlds allows us to utilize this time in the most empowered and conscious way possible.

  • How to live in heart

    Our true self, having begun the daily practice of integrating shadow has a natural impulse to remain compassionate towards self and other while walking the Heart Path. Learning the tools in this course will allow us to feel, love and connect deeply with ourself and our companions on the journey.

Shadow Stalking 101 - How to do Shadow Work

The Synchrosoma Method

  • 1

    Welcome to the course! The journey begins...

    • A call to adventure: a message from your guide, Melissa Meader.

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Module 1 - The Overworld

    • Module 1 - The Overworld

    • Guided Practice 1 - Somatic Exploration

    • Guided Practice 2 - Couch Potato

    • Guided Practice 3 - Witness Meditation

    • What is Soma? Audio Presentation

    • Module 1 - Journal Prompts

    • Module 1 - From The Cauldron

  • 3

    Module 2 - The Underworld

    • Module 2 - The Underworld

    • Guided Practice 1 - The Back Body Practice

    • Preparation for Somatic Recapitulation

    • Guided Practice 2 - Somatic Recapitulation

    • Guided Practice 3 - This Ego exchange Debt Dragon

    • Guided Practice 4 - Dark Night Simulation

    • Initiation - Audio Presentation

    • Module 2 - Journal Prompts

    • Module 2 - From The Cauldron

  • 4

    Module 3 - The Worlds In Between

    • Module 3 - The worlds in between

    • Archetype, Patterns, Symbols, Density Spirals, Cluster-Types basics.

    • Guided Practice 1 - Collective Harmonics

    • Guided Practice 2 - Symbol Resonance

    • Naming - Audio Presentation

    • Module 3 - Journal prompts

    • Module 3 - From the cauldron

    • Glossary

  • 5

    Conclusion - Closing Campfire

    • Closing the circle at the Campfire

    • Other Synchrosoma Courses with Melissa + Free preview

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What other students are saying about Shadow Stalking 101

Discovery & Expansion

I began the course at the beginning of the coronavirus lock down. This was an incredibly fruitful time to undergo a personal study into archetypes, dreams, somatic inquiry, and witness consciousness. Intellectually, I expanded my understanding of the stories that explain and describe my journey. Emotionally, I discovered more passion for life and acceptance of death. Physically, I developed practices to open space for acceptance and compassion with my breath and sensations. Nothing was out of bounds for exploration with Melissa. We laughed, talked about shit, visited the cemetery, went to the ocean… I am grateful for greater attention to the beautiful symbols of the everyday.


Melissa is a great guide into using archetypes and symbols as a way to generate new capacities for inclusion and integration. The process of mapping my own constellation of archetypes was illuminating. I feel that I have greater capacity for understanding and accepting myself and others. It was an intriguing process that was challenging at times but very mind opening. I am left with tools for navigating and mapping and more confidence in my capacity to feel at ease in the world.

A True Gift

Working with Melissa and her attention to shadow work has helped me see how my reactions (and overreactions!) to the behavior of others is triggered by areas in myself that I am still learning to accept. Melissa’s approach, her language and her natural ability to intuitively connect are a true gift. My work with Melissa has been key to helping me continue to transform into the person I want to be, free from self-judgement, with love and acceptance of myself.

HIGHLY recommend

Melissa's work is unlike anything I have ever tried before, and I have explored countless forms of coaching and therapy. She has a way of truly being able to pick up on the patterning of the mind so that you cannot unconsciously bullshit your way out of looking at yourself honestly. I HIGHLY recommend this important course to anyone and everyone.

Paved the way to being a more conscious human being

The class is challenging and uncomfortable at times. I got to know myself well, my unconscious parts especially. Melissa provides a ton of information, prompts and tools to choose from to pave the way to being a more conscious human being.

A major shift for me

After talking to me for a bit Melissa had an understanding of what was keeping me stuck. In one session, she guided me to include these shadows. Melissa embodies the truth ‘You are peer to peer with everything and everyone’. The radiance of that disarms fear and ‘I can’t’ beliefs. The presence of her energy, her wisdom and her experience helped my organism to intuitively connect to places of truth within me. Recapitulating this experience created an anchor to these places. Now my consciousness training feels like a flow of dreams. I allow them to come and go, building connection and including as much as I can in that moment. Going from being stuck in mind, which was saying: ‘You can’t contain this energy’ to now feeling my body saying ‘Yes!’ to the energies that are showing up, deeply knowing that I can contain what IS when I am in the NOW, was a major shift for me.

Begin your journey now

This course helps students of shadow work transform their lives through somatic integration practices that evolve soul, and unlock their true purpose in life.

Your Guide

Shadow Stalker, Underworld Guide, Archetypal Somatic Coach, Water Witch, Animal Communicator, Yogi, Folklorist of The Dreamtime.

Melissa Meader

I have worked with clients for over a decade in private practice guiding them to encounter their energy, and reclaim their soul. Long before that I studied yoga and Vedic sciences with masters, taught yoga and trained yoga teachers. In college I created a communication model with fellow students, owning “other”, so that we could interview racist skinheads. Before that I was initiated through trauma, and as I re-member my past that story becomes a totem of power and soul evolution. I have become a writer and podcaster out of necessity in order to translate challenging information about body, heart and soul into easy to learn and use tools.


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