The Synchrosoma Method

Tools for shadow work, somatic exploration, and soul evolution.

  • How to do shadow work

    The Synchrosoma Method of Shadow Work involves deep underworld explorations through the portal of Soma, our energy body and seat of the soul. Those parts of our shadowy behavior or shadowy past that we thought were “bad” become allies through integration.

  • How to evolve soul

    Through recognizing our true self as Witness Consciousness and embracing our time on earth as a gift we can contain and heal at the deepest layers of Self. Shadow Work and mastering the worlds allows us to utilize this time in the most empowered and conscious way possible.

  • How to live in heart

    Our true self, having begun the daily practice of integrating shadow has a natural impulse to remain compassionate towards self and other while walking the Heart Path. Learning the tools in this course will allow us to feel, love and connect deeply with ourself and our companions on the journey.


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